Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan por “Al Burton”

Added to Dylan Cover Albums is another of those 1970s Spanish cassettes, all with the same eleven tracks but credited to many different performers. This newest example is Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan by Al Burton.
Thanks to HP Bushoff for spotting this on eBay, and to Manuel Garcia Jara for label info.

The list of variations so far:
Danny Roberts: Los Exitos de Bob Dylan (Spain LP)
Al Burton: Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Bill Collins: Tribute to Bob Dylan (US cassette)
Johnny Desvan: Tributo a Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Rod Lansing: Exitos de: Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Zuk Milton: Hits of Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Jane Reynolds y Johnny Desvan:
.......Tributo a Joan Baez y Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
uncredited: Grandes Creaciones de Bob Dylan (Spain LP)
uncredited: Sounds Like Bob Dylan (UK cassette)

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Everything seems to be working after upgrades were done by my webhost last night. E-mail service to addresses was interrupted for a while but is now working again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra reissued digitally

The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra Plays Bob Dylan has been reissued digitally and is available from iTunes, using this new cover art.
The listing for the original 1997 instrumental CD has been updated HERE.
Thanks to Michael Tearson

Busy week for the DataBase

Click the "UPDATE" link in the right sidebar for the many new covers added to the Dylan Covers DataBase this week... 94 today and 64 earlier this week.
Thanks to all who have reported new covers!

Part 5: Zimming Point MP3s - Only here!

Here's the fifth (and last) installment of mp3 links from Zimming Point to be available only here at the Blog in Plain D.
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4)

Cut at the end, but much of the song is there
A different version than the one at
Not a Dylan cover of course, but many know the song from Bob's performances

I hope you've enjoyed the opportunity to hear these recordings. My thanks to JB Heinink and Zimming Point for allowing me to post them here exclusively.
For more details of these recordings, visit There you can find links to several more tracks: Down In The Flood, Huck's Tune, Forgetful Heart and Standing In The Doorway.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Aufray news...

There are reports of a "Collector's Edition" of Aufray's New Yorker to be released on 12/14. Perhaps the missing track will appear on that.
The promotional version of the CD came in a very nice 6¾-inch (17cm) square hard-bound gatefold holder, perhaps the Collector's Edition will be similar (just my guess!)
Thanks to Jean Fernandez

Monday, October 26, 2009

Aufray released, minus a song

Hugues Aufray's New Yorker was released in France today.
Apparently Tu Dois Servir Quelqu’un (Gotta Serve Somebody), included in early published tracklists and on advance and promotional versions of the album is NOT on the retail CD.
Thanks to Jean Fernandez for the report

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part 4: Zimming Point MP3s - Only here!

Here's the fourth installment of mp3 links from Zimming Point to be available only here at the
Blog in Plain D
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3)


The fifth (and final) installment will be posted next Wednesday.
For more details of these recordings, visit There you will find links to several more tracks: Down In The Flood, Huck's Tune, Forgetful Heart and Standing In The Doorway.
Thanks to JB & Zimming Point

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spanish titles added to Páez albums

The Spanish song titles have been added to the two Esteban Páez albums of translations.
Thanks to Anton Bohnen for forwarding the titles provided by the artist.

Twitter list: Going, going, GONE

My Twitter listing of new Dylan covers has been discontinued.
After a month and 250+ "tweets," only a few people were using it - only 2 of those with any obvious Dylan-cover interest. This is not counting the many nuisance "follower collectors" and spam accounts that must be tolerated or blocked.
I see no reason to continue the Twitter account for other purposes, so it will be deleted in a few days.
Anyone really interested in the service provided there can monitor and/or bookmark the DataBase Update page ("Update" link in right sidebar of the Blog home page) this provides the same information, just not so often - once a week (or more) as warranted.
Other Dylan cover news can be found right here at
The Blog in Plain D.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nobody Sings Dylan #30

Volume 30: Time is the Enemy has been added to the Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan series page of Dylan Cover Albums.

Links to the BitTorrents of all 30 volumes at are available on the page, and artwork for most volumes can be found HERE, or in the comments section of each torrent page.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ben Sidran added to Dylan Cover Albums

Dylan Different by Ben Sidran has been added to Dylan Cover Albums HERE.
The 46-minute album lives up to it's title in presenting "different" jazz-influenced arrangements of 12 Dylan songs. Sidran's dry vocal style is complemented by duet partners Georgie Fame, Jorge Drexler and Rodolphe Burger on three tracks.
More info at
Thanks to Ben Sidran

Available now from CD Baby

The tracklist:
Everything Is Broken
/ Highway 61 Revisited / Tangled Up In Blue / Gotta Serve Somebody / Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (with Georgie Fame) / Ballad Of A Thin Man / Maggie's Farm / Knockin' On Heaven's Door (with Jorge Drexler) / Subterranean Homesick Blues / On The Road Again / All I Really Want To Do / Blowin' In The Wind (with Rodolphe Burger)

Part 3: Zimming Point MP3s - Only here!

Here's the third installment of mp3 links from Zimming Point to be available only here at the
Blog in Plain D
Part 1 is HERE / Part 2 is HERE)


I will be posting more links on Wednesdays for the next two weeks.
For more details of these recordings, and links to more tracks, visit
Thanks to JB & Zimming Point

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mr. 12 String Guitar updated

The listing for the 1966 Mr. 12 String Guitar album on the Instrumentals page has been updated with this recently discovered Argentine version of the LP, Mr. 12 String Guitar Interpreta Temas de Bob Dylan y Otros.
While the US LP warrants inclusion due only to being more than 50% Dylan covers (7/12,) this version has a stronger claim as a Dylan Cover Album by naming Dylan in the title. Note that Glen Campbell receives front-of-album credit on this version.
Also added is a scan of the Mono version of the US LP.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

“Dylan Different” by Ben Sidran - TBR 11/16

Due for release November 16 is Dylan Different, an album of Dylan songs by Ben Sidran.
Tracks mentioned on various websites are: Gotta Serve Somebody, Highway 61 Revisited, Blowin' In The Wind (with Georgie Fame,) and Rainy Day Women (with Rodolphe Burger.)
Label: Bonsaï Music, France. Also see
Sidran's 2008 album Cien Noches
[CD Baby] included versions of Subterranean Homesick Blues and Gotta Serve Somebody.
Full tracklist and other details of the new album will be posted when available.

Twitter list: Going, going...

Still not much usage of my Twitter listing of new covers. The experiment will run for another week, but likely will be discontinued unless there is a surge in interest.

New additions to the Dylan Covers DataBase are listed on Twitter. Covers are listed "live," as they're found, so they appear there before the occasional DataBase updates.
Comments or suggestions will be appreciated.
A Twitter link has been added to the right sidebar.

Free cover downloads

A free mp3 cover of I Want You by Toronto band Rock Plaza Central is available at the blog
Providence RI band The Low Anthem offers a cover of Dignity when you sign-up for their mailing list HERE
A new version of Girl From The North Country by Eels is included in their MySpace Transmissions EP available HERE.
(The EP was also released on vinyl)

Páez III now available

El refugio de la vibora III by Esteban Páez is now available for free download from his website (>Descargar/Download CDs.)
See previous post for details.

Part 2: Zimming Point MP3s - Only here!

Here's the second pair of mp3 links from Zimming Point to be available only here at the
Blog in Plain D
. (Part 1 is HERE)


I will be posting more links each Wednesday for the next few weeks.
For more details of these recordings, and links to more tracks, visit
Thanks to JB & Zimming Point

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Aufray & Aadland added to Dylan Cover Albums

Hugues Aufray's New Yorker (TBR 10/26) and
Tom Roger Aadland
's Blod På Spora (TBR 10/12) have now been added to Dylan Cover Albums.
See earlier posts for details of each.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Today the Dylan Covers DataBase reached 27,000.
Thanks to all contributors, keep the tips coming!

Joan Baez "How Sweet The Sound"

Joan Baez's new compilation How Sweet The Sound includes her 1965 BBC concert recording of With God On Our Side, I believe this is the track's first official release.
Also included is her duet with Bob of I Pity The Poor Immigrant from the Hard Rain TV broadcast.

Thanks to Michael Tearson for the info

CD and DVD available from

Friday, October 02, 2009

Aufray's The New Yorker UPDATE

The tracklist and artwork for Hugues Aufray's upcoming New Yorker album.
The French release of the album is scheduled for October 26.
The album will be added to Dylan Cover Albums soon.

The tracklist:
New Yorker (original song-?)
La Fille Du Nord (Girl From The North Country) with Eddy Mitchell
N'y Pense Plus Tout Est Bien (Don't Think Twice...) with Carla Bruni
Mr. L'Homme Orchestre (Mr. Tambourine Man) with Laurent Voulzy
Au Cœur De Mon Pays (Heartland) with Arno
Knock Knock, Ouvre-Toi Porte D'Or (Knockin' On Heaven's Door) with Bernard Lavilliers
L'Homme Dota d'un Nom Chaque Animal (Man Gave Names To All The Animals) with Alain Souchon
Nous Serons Libres (I Shall Be Released) with Florian ''Peps'' Peppuy and Wasis Diop
Tout Comme Une Vraie Femme (Just Like A Woman) with Jane Birkin
Tout L'monde un Jour S'est Planté (Rainy Day Women #12 & 35) with Didier Wampas
Dans le Souffle Du Vent (Blowin' In The Wind) with Francis Cabrel
Jeune Pour Toujours (Forever Young) with Johnny Hallyday
Cloches Sonnez (Ring Them Bells)
Tu Dois Servir Quelqu’un (Gotta Serve Somebody)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

TTL covers - UPDATE

YouTube covers of songs from Together Through Life:

Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
Bucky & Bunny: YouTube
Kobi Hadar (ver.1): YouTube
Kobi Hadar (ver.2): YouTube
Chris Moore: YouTube
paul800m (ver.1): YouTube
paul800m (ver.2): YouTube
NEW The Ragmen: YouTube
The Roving Minstrel: YouTube

Forgetful Heart
Jim Fusco: YouTube
NEW Zimming Point:

I Feel A Change Coming On
Bad Rib: YouTube
Bill Melchionda: YouTube

If You Ever Go To Houston
Tom C. LeBon: YouTube

It's All Good
NEW Zimming Point: Blog in Plain D

The Highlights: YouTube
Tom C. LeBon: YouTube

Shake Shake Mama
NEW Zimming Point: Blog in Plain D

This Dream Of You
Jody Cody: YouTube
koalaphish: YouTube

I don't know of any other official or unofficial covers.
Links and/or leads to others (good or bad) will be appreciated.
Only My Wife's Hometown remains uncovered.

Norwegian BOTT - UPDATE

Tom Roger Aadland is releasing Blod på spora, a Norwegian translation of the complete Blood On The Tracks album, on October 12 from Embacle Records.
Two tracks can be heard on his MySpace page (Stor jente no (You're A Big Girl Now) and Lagnaden sin vri (Simple Twist Of Fate))
More info at
Thanks to Dag Braathen for the scan & info

The tracklist:
Vikla Inn I Blått (Tangled Up in Blue)
Lagnaden Sin Vri (Simple Twist of Fate)
Stor Jente No (You're a Big Girl Now)
Vind Utan Vit (Idiot Wind)
Du Gjer Meg Einsam Når Du Dreg (You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go)
Kom I Morgon Tidleg (Meet Me in the Morning)
Lilly, Rosmari Og Hjarterknekt (Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts)
Om Du Ser Ho, Hels Frå Meg (If You See Her, Say Hello)
Til Stormen Dreg Forbi (Shelter from the Storm)
Bøtter Med Regn (Buckets of Rain)

9 New in Dylan Title Tracks

Dylan Title Tracks has been updated with 9 new items, for a new total of 1,573.
Included is this 1968 Asian EP by Johnny Rivers with Positively 4th Street
, the country of issue is not printed on the sleeve or label.
Thanks to Ronald Born and Manuel Garcia Jara for their submissions to Title Tracks this month