Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miscellaneous ramblings...

The next update (12/1) of the Dylan Covers DataBase will surpass 24,000.

Chris de Burgh covers All Along The Watchtower on his new album Footsteps, to be released 11/21 in Europe, March '09 in the UK and Canada. No US release has been announced.

Jamband Raisinhead debuts in the DataBase with a 3-cover show at the Live Music Archive: Like A Rolling Stone, Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Tombstone Blues

Three rather strange covers from the French-released CD MePriz by The John Famous Band can be heard HERE.
Billy, Frankie Lee & Judas Priest, Man In The Long Black Coat

Australian Nick Charles covers One Too Many Mornings on his latest album Closer To Home. More info at charlesguitar.com.
Thanks to Bill Hester

Today's update of the Dylan Covers DataBase Next Update Preview includes 42 covers recently added to the Live Music Archive.

Old covers newly discovered:
Dat ben ik niet (It Ain't Me Babe) - The Mudfield Skiffle Group - 1965 NL single
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Deena Webster - 1968 UK LP Hurry, Tuesday Child
Mi Dren (I Shall Be Released) - Anne-Marie Hunsel (Suriname) - 1985 NL 12" single
and others, see the
Next Update Preview

New CDs with Dylan covers from CD Baby:
Mr. Tambourine Man - The Copycats - Groovy - CD Baby
Masters Of War - The Hellboys - A Young Person's Guide to Hell - CD Baby

Thanks to Thomas Groschwald and Dirk Krah for providing details of the Ernst Schultz CD.

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Thanks -- D.P.

NEW: Ernst Schultz - German covers album

New in Dylan Cover Albums HERE is Es ändern sich die Zeiten (Dylan:Deutsch), an album of German translations by Ernst Schultz. Schultz was a member of the '70s German rock band Ihre Kinder. The album has 16 Dylan translations, the instrumental Nashville Skyline Rag, and three other Nashville Skyline instrumental variations credited to band member Obi Barthmann.
Thanks to Dirk Krah for the tip

Available from amazon.de, and digitally from iTunes

The tracklist:
Es ändern sich die Zeiten
(The Times They Are A-Changing)..
Auf der Autobahn
(Highway 61 Revisited)
Heute Nacht bleib ich hier
(I'll Be Your Baby Tonight)
Nashville Skyline Rag
Sie gehört zu mir (She Belongs To Me)
Mit dir allein zu sein
(To Be Alone With You)
Dritter Weltkrieg-Traum
(Talkin' World War III)
Meister der Angst
(Masters Of War)
Als wär' ich nicht hier
(I Don't Believe You)
Mein Meisterstück
(When I Paint My Masterpiece)
(Absolutely Sweet Marie)
So leicht flieht man nicht von hier
(It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Nashville Skyline Surf (instrumental - Obi Barthmann)
Du fehlst mir
(I Want You)
Oben auf'm Wachturm
(All Along The Watchtower)
Viel zu spät und meilenweit zurück
(One Too Many Mornings)
Nashville Skyline Waltz (instrumental - Obi Barthmann)
Wenn du nicht wärst
(If Not For You)
Nashville Skyline Hornpipe (instrumental - Obi Barthmann)
Wieder auf der Straße
(On The Road Again)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BDRH discontinued

Sorry to hear of the discontinuation of the Bob Dylan Radio Hour hosted by Michael Tearson on the Sirius Disorder channel, a casualty in the merging of Sirius and XM. The show often featured Dylan covers. Michael is a frequent contributor to this site.

Monday, November 10, 2008

More covers at MySpace

The new MySpace music system allows searching for tracks tagged "Dylan cover," a recent search found almost 200, too many to list here, but they can be found in the Dylan Covers DataBase Next Update Preview. Click each artist's name to access the detail page with a link to that artist's MySpace page.
Unfortunately the download function has yet to be restored, so all newly listed covers are listen-only.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My MySpace music player

MySpace now allows adding up to 10 music tracks from artist's players to member's profiles, so I have added 10 Dylan covers from around MySpace to my profile player. Tracks will rotate as new ones are found or added by bands, so my tracklist will change regularly. I will endeavour to feature 10 different bands/artists and 10 different songs. If you like what you hear, please use the player links to visit each band's MySpace page to hear & learn more.
(Note: Not all bands allow use of their tracks)
The innagural line-up:
Don't Ya Tell Henry - Zimming Point (Spain)
Things Have Changed - Like a Bob Dylan (UK)
Señor - Chris C & Swingin' Danglers (Belgium)
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - Robobob (Germany)
Gotta Serve Somebody - The Abrams Brothers (Canada)
On A Night Like This - Kurt Matthew (US)
Slow Train - The Phantom Engineers (Ireland)
License To Kill - PetTommy & The Brokenhearts (Germany)
Buckets Of Rain - That Guy from ELO (US)
Thunder On The Mountain - The Royal Alberts (UK)
(Note: There is a permanent link to my MySpace profile in the right sidebar of this page)

Ghosts of Electricity now at CD Baby

The Random Bursts of Noise EP by Ghosts of Electricity is now available from CD Baby
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You / The Wicked Messenger/As I Went Out One Morning / Drifter's Escape / All Along the Watchtower / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Monday, November 03, 2008

Miscellaneous ramblings...

Eric Johnson performs My Back Pages on his upcoming live DVD Anaheim, recorded at The Grove in Anaheim California on May 3, 2006. A studio version appeared on Johnson's 2005 album Bloom. DVD available from amazon.com
Thanks to Michael Tearson

A jazz cover of Blowin' In The Wind by the Darius Brubeck Quartet is on their new album For Lydia and The Lion. Darius is the son of Dave Brubeck. Available from CD Baby

Like a Bob Dylan is a UK Dylan tribute band with four Dylan covers available for listening on their MySpace page: Like A Rolling Stone, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Things Have Changed and Knockin' On Heaven's Door

The Derek Trucks Band have been performing their new single Down In The Flood at recent concerts, often as the opener. Several performances are available at the Live Music Archive.

Other notable Live Music Archive (LMA) covers:
German band Mars Mushrooms debuts in the Dylan covers DataBase, jamming with Swiss band Ginger on a nearly 13 minute Watchtower... A Cosmic Railroad show with 3 covers: Tangled Up In Blue, Mighty Quinn and Watchtower... Liquid Dead returns with 2 shows with Dylan songs: Masterpiece, Tom Thumb's Blues, Watchtower

Adele's cover of Make You Feel My Love has been released in 7" and CD single formats

Lucinda Williams' Masters Of War, from her digital-only EP Lu in 08, is now available from digital music sources including amazon-mp3

NEW in Dylan Cover Albums:
Chris C & Swingin' Danglers

Added to Dylan Cover Albums HERE is The Farmhouse Tapes, a new album of Dylan songs by Belgian band Chris C & Swingin' Danglers. The Attic H Records release is a limited pressing of only 300 vinyl LPs, each is supplied with a CDR copy (not available separately.) One track, One More Cup Of Coffee, appears only on the vinyl version, while the CDR copy contains two extra tracks: Masters Of War and You're A Big Girl Now.
You can hear a few tracks and get contact and ordering information at the band's MySpace page.
Thanks to Chris C

The tracklist:
Positively 4th Street / Señor / Outlaw Blues / One More Cup Of Coffee (vinyl LP only) / I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight / You Ain’t Going Nowhere / New Pony / Sarah / Isis / Masters Of War (CDR only) / You’re a Big Girl Now (CDR only)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

First-of-month updates for November 1, 2008

The Dylan Covers DataBase has been updated,
294 new covers for a new total of 23,636.
Click here to view New Additions Only (link fixed!)
77 new images were added.

Dylan Title Tracks
19 new items, for a new total of 1,435.
Thanks to Manuel Garcia Jara and Ronald Born for this month's Title Tracks additions.

Thanks for all submissions & contributions to the DylanCover.com websites during October.

Click "Comments" for a list of artists with covers added to the DataBase during October 2008.