Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My MySpace music player

MySpace now allows adding up to 10 music tracks from artist's players to member's profiles, so I have added 10 Dylan covers from around MySpace to my profile player. Tracks will rotate as new ones are found or added by bands, so my tracklist will change regularly. I will endeavour to feature 10 different bands/artists and 10 different songs. If you like what you hear, please use the player links to visit each band's MySpace page to hear & learn more.
(Note: Not all bands allow use of their tracks)
The innagural line-up:
Don't Ya Tell Henry - Zimming Point (Spain)
Things Have Changed - Like a Bob Dylan (UK)
SeƱor - Chris C & Swingin' Danglers (Belgium)
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - Robobob (Germany)
Gotta Serve Somebody - The Abrams Brothers (Canada)
On A Night Like This - Kurt Matthew (US)
Slow Train - The Phantom Engineers (Ireland)
License To Kill - PetTommy & The Brokenhearts (Germany)
Buckets Of Rain - That Guy from ELO (US)
Thunder On The Mountain - The Royal Alberts (UK)
(Note: There is a permanent link to my MySpace profile in the right sidebar of this page)


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