Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hugues Aufray to perform in L.A.

Hugues Aufray will be making his first US performance in the US since he met a young Bob Dylan in New York in 1961. The concert will be held at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. This show has been postponed... new date to be announced.
More info
The New Yorker, Aufray's new album of Dylan songs, performed as duets with numerous French artists, is scheduled for release later this year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forum e-mail

If you were a registered user of the defunct DylanCover.com Forum, you probably recently received an e-mail inviting you to revisit the forum. This was an automated e-mail sent by the forum provider, not initiated or authorized by me. I assume it was sent to all past registered users. I am NOT attempting to re-start the Forum.
I have left the dormant Forum on-line since there are some interesting posts there, but if the provider continues to send mass e-mails I will delete the entire Forum if necessary.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

Michel Montecrossa's annual Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009 set has been announced. The 2009 set includes 4 audio CDs (or alternately 4 DVDs) of this year's event, plus 2 DVDs with unrelated Montecrossa films with no Dylan content.
The Fest CDs include only 7 Dylan-penned songs, so this years edition does not qualify for inclusion in the Dylan Cover Albums pages. An additional 12 tracks are songs that Dylan himself has covered or are somehow Dylan related. Most of the covers and Dylan-related songs are from Bob's "Tell Tale Signs" collection or are unreleased Basement Tapes songs.
Read the press release at mirapuri-enterprises.com
Unknown if the new release will be available at Amazon or iTunes like some of the previous year's collections.
The Dylan covers:
Can't Escape From You / Dreamin' Of You / Marchin' To The City / Red River Shore / City Of Gold / I'm Not There / One Man's Loss
The Dylan-related songs include:
Diamond Joe / 32-20 Blues / Mary And The Soldier / Duncan And Brady / Girl On The Green Briar Shore / Miss The Mississippi And You / Dixie
and others

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

23 new in Dylan Title Tracks

Dylan Title Tracks has been updated with 23 new items, for a new total of 1,549.
Included is this Melanie single from Australia, unusual in that it has Mr. Tambourine Man as the A-side
Thanks to Manuel Garcia Jara, Ronald Born, Hanns Peter Bushoff & Michael Tearson for their submissions to Title Tracks this month