Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mountain's "Masters Of War" TBR 7/24

See 7/23 post

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Kingston Trio: Final Concert

Due for release by Collector's Choice Music on July 17 is Final Concert by The Kingston Trio. The previously unreleased live recording was the last performance by the Nick Reynolds, Bob Shane & John Stewart trio lineup, at the Hungry i in San Francisco, on June 16, 1967.
Included are 2 Dylan songs, Tomorrow Is A Long Time and One Too Many Mornings.
More info at:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New in the collection:
Rock Along: Whooz-It

Man Gave Names To All The Animals (3:18)
Rock Along
CD: Maranatha 7-10-026067-1; 1989 (US)

Another obscure cover from the CCM genre, a rather standard version of Animals. I'm not sure if the artists & title are correct, I can't find any specific info about the album or the band, if it is a formal band. Most catalogs or listings show it as above, but a few reverse the names (Rock Along by Whooz-It), and still others list it as a various artists CD titled "RockAlong: Whooz-It"! "Whooz-It" only appears on the spine of the CD and on the disc. The liner notes do not clear up the confusion, listing members of "the band" (Dennis Holt, Glen Holmen, Marty Walsh, Alex MacDougall, Brad Cole.) The core of this group have appeared on other albums as session players. Also listed are 7 main + 6 additional singers (lead vocal on Animals by Moses Toth.) So it's also possible it's a studio project with no group name.
I have listed it in the DataBase as by Rock Along. Any additional info would be appreciated.
This CD is out of print, check for used copies at:

Friday, June 22, 2007

Timeless Flyte: The Byrds Dylan Connection

Now added to Dylan Cover Albums is Timeless Flyte-A Tribute To The Byrds: The Byrds Dylan Connection, Volume 2 of the Timeless Flyte series. View it HERE.

The series will be available as digital downloads only.
Volume 2 is available now from iTunes. A description, tracklist and samples are available at CD Baby. Other download links will be added.
Volume 1, Reflyte (no Dylan songs,) focusing on the early Byrds' albums, is already available. Download links, description, tracklist and samples at CD Baby.
Series information at RRO Entertainment.
Due to it's distribution through pay-sites and general interest of The Byrds Dylan Connection, I have included it in the main Various-Artists pages instead of the Download Albums page.

11 Dylan covers filtered through The Byrds. Total time: 40:37.
Mr. Tambourne Man - Les Fradkin
All I Really Want To Do - Walter Egan
The Times They Are A Changin' - Les Fradkin**
Chimes Of Freedom - Bill Lloyd
My Back Pages - Jeffrey Foskett
Lay Down Your Weary Tune - Janglebox
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere - The Kennedys
Nothing Was Delivered - Suzy Connolly*
This Wheel's On Fire - Last Train Home
Just Like A Woman - Les Fradkin**
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Alice Stuart and The Formerlys
*Note: the Suzy Connolly track was not listed in the earlier reported tracklist
**from the Les Fradkin album of Dylan songs
If Your Memory Serves You Well

Les Fradkin: 12

Les Fradkin's 12th solo album, simply titled 12, includes 2 Dylan covers: Mr. Tambourine Man from the recent Byrds tribute series Timeless Flyte, and a newly remixed and remastered 24 bit version of his A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.
Availabile from: CD Baby

New covers: Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson's new live album Your Town Tonight, to be released July 17 by Red House records, includes a cover of Jokerman.
Availabile from: / / /

Her Austin City Limits CD Live from Austin TX, to be released June 26, has Love Minus Zero.
CD availabile from: / / /

Thanks to Michael Tearson

Thursday, June 21, 2007

New in the collection:
Nichole Nordeman

Gotta Serve Somebody (3:56)
Nichole Nordeman
CD: Sparrow SPD63575; 2005 (US)

Contemporary Christian artist Nichole Nordeman's take on Gotta Serve Somebody is more techno/synth sounding that you would expect in the CCM genre. For better or worse depending on the listener, it's a change from the gospel-rock and traditional gospel versions.
Availabile from: / / /

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

NEW! Dylan Cover Albums VIDEO page

I have added a VIDEO page to Dylan Cover Albums. Only official, commercially released videos in all formats will be included.
A button to access the new page has been added to the Dylan Cover Albums main page.
Only 3 items are currently listed: Bryan Ferry's Dylanesque Live, The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration, and Gotta Serve Somebody: The Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A rush of new additions in the last week has pushed the total number of covers listed in the master Dylan Covers DataBase well over 19,000. These new additions will appear in the on-line DataBase at the July 1st update, but can be previewed in the Next Update Preview.

Also, the recent addition of many new images have helped me reach the goal of less than 10% of the DataBase needing scans. It is likely that some of those remaining should be marked as n/a (not applicable - i.e. downloads, circulating, or other items with no associated artwork.)
As of this posting:
Total covers listed:.......19,149
With images:................9,701 - 50.7%
Images not applicable (n/a):7,575 - 39.6%
Scans needed:...............1,819 - 9.5%

Thanks to all who contributed additions and/or image scans this month.

Friday, June 15, 2007

New in the collection:
Mark Haines & The Zippers

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (4:17)
Like A Rolling Stone (5:32)
Mark Haines & The Zippers
Like It Is - Live!
Cassette: Mark Haines Bizz MHZL93-4; 1992 (Canada)

Out of print self-release from one of Ontario's best bar bands in their day. For years they were the house band at Jake's Boathouse in Brampton, where this album was recorded September 26 & 27, 1992. On my cassette it says the album was available on tape or CD at the venue, so perhaps it was not distributed further than that and will be a tough one to find.
Mark Haines now performs as a duo with ex-Zipper Tom Leighton. They covered When The Ship Comes In on their 2001 album Hand to Hand.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Downloads & streams

Zimmermen offer a Going Going Gone mp3 download, a 2006 rehearsal recording.
Also available for download is their 2003 Live in France version of Blind Willie McTell, previously available as a listen-only stream.
Both available on their new, under-construction website: >Sounds

The Rob Dylan Band, a UK tribute band and offshoot of Bullfrog Jones, offer 4 listen-only covers (All Along The Watchtower, Blind Willie McTell, Forever Young, Love Sick) on their MySpace page.

Japan's Joker777 has added a listen-only stream of Tombstone Blues to his site.

Inside the Museum...

Stadtmuseum Eisenberg (Thüringen) in Germany will be hosting Dylan in Eisenberg: Die Songs von Bob Dylan auf 7" Vinyl, an exhibition of rare singles, EPs promos and test pressings. The exhibition will run from December 1, 2007 through February 3, 2008.
For further information, contact

Thanks to
H.P.Bushoff and Ronald Born
>Larger image

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dylan Title Tracks: 3 additions + 1 upgrade

Visit Dylan Title Tracks to see 3 new items added today:

197? South African sleeve of All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Thanks to Anita Illing

1965 German sleeve of All I Really Want To Do by Cher.
The "Statue of Liberty" sleeve.
Replaces a scan of the rear of the sleeve, and adds the country & catalog number information.
Thanks to Ronald Born

1966 Italian sleeve of Ció Che Voglio (All I Really Want To Do) by Roby Matano.
Thanks to Dirk Krah

19?? Australian EP "Best of Peter, Paul & Mary" with Blowin' In The Wind.

There are now 1,235 sleeves & albums displayed in
Dylan Title Tracks.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Also coming soon...

Rettichretter, a new album by The DoubleDylans will be released soon.
The tracklist includes German versions of I want you, Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts, Subterranean Homesick Blues, Maggie's Farm, In the Garden, All Along the Watchtower and I'll be Your Baby Tonight.
The album will be presented live on July 1st, 2007 in Frankfurt.
More info (in German) at:
Thanks to Dirk Krah for the report

Coming soon...

Les Fradkin's RRO label is releasing a 4 volume Byrds tribute, Timeless Flyte-A Tribute To The Byrds. The series will be available as digital downloads only (from iTunes & other sources.)
Volume 1, Reflyte, focuses on the early Byrds albums, with no Dylan covers. A description, tracklist and samples are available at CD Baby.
Volume 2, not yet available, will be all Dylan songs: The Byrds Dylan Connection.

1) Mr. Tambourne Man (Les Fradkin)
2) All I Really Want To Do (Walter Egan)
3) The Times They Are A Changin' (Les Fradkin)
4) Chimes Of Freedom (Bill Lloyd)
5) My Back Pages (Jeffrey Foskett)
6) Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Janglebox)
7) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (The Kennedys)
8) This Wheel's On Fire (Last Train Home)
9) Just Like A Woman (Les Fradkin)
10) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Alice Stuart and The Formerlys)

I'll be posting further details about Volume 2 and other forthcoming volumes as they become available.

Friday, June 08, 2007

New in the collection:
Radio Flyer

One Too Many Mornings (4:02)
Radio Flyer
Old Strings New Strings
CD: Turquoise TR-CD-5079; 1991 (US)

Radio Flyer was a Missouri-based progressive bluegrass (aka "newgrass") band that recorded several albums in the '90s. Their take on One Too Many Mornings on this, their debut album, features some nice banjo picking and vocal harmonies.
The band name of course refers to the Radio Flyer toy wagon, always red, that many of us (in the US, anyway) had as kids. A tiny red wagon logo can be seen on the cover.
This CD is listed in the Bluegrass Collector's Guide.
Check for availability of used CDs at: / / /

NEW in Translations: J.M. Baule Nº.4

J.M. Baule has released his fourth CD of Castellano translations, Entre Dylan y yo... Una Experiencia Nº.4. This new collection is a nice mix of older and newer Dylan songs.
The CD has been added to the Translations pages of Dylan Cover Albums HERE.
To inquire about this or J.M.'s previous albums, e-mail him using the "contacta" link on his website
The tracklist:
El Hombre del Negro Abrigo (Man In The Long Black Coat)
Tarde O Temprano, Debes Sabre (One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later))
Para Que Sientas Mi Amor (Make You Feel My Love)
Como Finos Granos de Arena (Every Grain Of Sand)
Padre, En Mi Mente Estás (Daddy You Been On My Mind)
Tierno Muchacho (Sugar Baby)
El Hombre Que Hay En Mi (The Man In Me)
Caerá una lluvia muy fuerte (A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall)
Está bién, Madre (solo estoy sangrando) (It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding)
Dulce Dama de las Tierras del Sur (Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dylan Title Tracks - 4 additions

Visit Dylan Title Tracks to see 4 new items added today:

1970 picture sleeve from Yugoslavia of Blowin' In The Wind by The Edwin Hawkins' Singers

1971(?) Asian EP (country unknown) featuring If Not For You by Olivia Newton-John

1968(?) EP (country unknown) featuring The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann

2007 US CD Walking Down The Line by the bluegrass artist James Alan Shelton. This CD has also been added to the Bluegrass Collector's Guide.

There are now 1,232 sleeves & albums displayed in
Dylan Title Tracks.

New in the collection:
Bob Riley & The Fishers

Everything Is Broken
All Along The Watchtower
I Pity The Poor Immigrant
What Good Am I?
Bob Riley & The Fishers
Tanakh Rocks:
Old Testament Songs
CD: ©Bob Riley; 2007 (US)

This album by Hawaii-based Bob Riley & The Fishers sets Old Testament scriptures to music, and uses 4 Dylan covers to illustrate others. On Everything Is Broken and Watchtower, both sung by Riley, he reads the relevant scripture near the end of each song. I Pity The Poor Immigrant and What Good Am I? are sung by Sunshine Petropoullakis, with no scripture passages added.
The version of this album as illustrated here is listed at the
Bob Riley & The Fishers website.
A version listed at CD Baby has a slightly different title (Rockin Tanakh), different artwork and a different tracklist, without Everything is Broken and Watchtower. It's dated 2006, so probably it is an earlier version. The CD Baby listing notes Jerusalem Records as the label, but there is no mention of this on the version shown here. Samples of the last 2 covers are available at CD Baby.
The Old Testament passages related to the Dylan songs:
Everything Is Broken - Psalm 34:20
All Along The Watchtower - Isaiah 21:8
I Pity The Poor Immigrant - Exodus 32:31 & 32
What Good Am I? - Lev 19:18.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Missing something?

If you're not checking the New Covers at LMA list every day, you missed the 82 new Dylan covers listed there during May!

Monday, June 04, 2007

New in the collection:
Rita di Ghent

Just Like A Woman (5:18)
Rita di Ghent
The Birth of Sprawl
CD: Groove Productions GPCD1298; 1999 (Canada)

Canadian jazz singer Rita di Ghent's torch song rendition of Just Like A Woman is one of the slower tempo versions you're likely to hear. Despite skipping the second verse of the song, the track is still over 5 minutes. Just Like A Woman is also included as a bonus track on di Ghent's 2003 album The Standards Sessions 2, I haven't been able to determine if it is this version or a different recording.
This CD has been added to the Jazz Collector's Guide.
Available at:
CD Baby /

Download: Kurt Matthew

Kurt Matthew has added On A Night Like This to his site

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spring reminder

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Thanks to all who have supported in either way.

Downloads & streams

Montreal's CKUT radio show Folk Roots/Folk Branches broadcast a Songs of Bob Dylan show on Bob's birthday, May 24. The show included a few Bob tracks and many covers, including the recent ones by Jimmy LaFave, Duke Robillard, Uncle Earl and others. Even two I didn't know about: I Threw it All Away by Canadian band Prairie Oyster, and I'll Remember You by Amy LaVere. The entire 2 hour program is available as a mp3 download here:

The complete recording of All Along The Watchtower by Everlast and B Real is available as a mp3 from the B Real website (near end of "collaborations" section.) This rap version was used on the soundtrack of the videogame Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, I don't know if this full version appeared on any audio CD by either Everlast or B Real.
A trailer of the track as used in the videogame can be seen HERE

German band Indian Summer has 3 downloads in m4a format available on their website. Click "Music" and then the podcasting graphic. (When He Returns, Things Have Changed, It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Their cover of Po' Boy is still available as a QuickTime stream.

New in the collection:
Bill Henderson

Lay Down Your Weary Tune (3:00)
Bill Henderson
When My Dreamboat Comes Home
LP: Verve V6-8619; 1965 (US)

Vocalist Bill Henderson began singing professionally in Chicago in 1952, where he worked with Ramsey Lewis, later moving to New York and working with Horace Silver and Jimmy Smith.
He recorded several albums for Vee-Jay in the early '60s before this LP for Verve in 1965, and 2 more albums for a small label in the '70s and rarely since. He sings blues, ballads, and swing tunes as well as jazz, this album and his cover of Lay Down Your Weary Tune is more pop-music in style. Still, this is one of the earliest vocal Dylan covers by anyone in the jazz world.
To my knowledge, this recording has not been issued on CD.
Click for larger cover image.

Friday, June 01, 2007

First-of-month updates for June 1, 2007

The Dylan Covers DataBase has been updated, adding 312 new covers for a new total of 18,838.
Also 130 new images and many new links were added.
Click here to view New Additions Only

Dylan Covers On-Line added 6 new cover links, but 41 links were deleted for a net loss of 35 and a new total of 757.

Thanks to all who contributed to the websites during May.

Covers by these artists were added to the DataBase during May 2007:
8-Track, Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem, Beau Brummels, Big Leg Emma (4), Andrew Bird, Black Bart (2), Gus Black, Blueground Undergrass (2), Rod Bolin, BoomBox, David Bromberg (6), Brothers Past, Sam Bush Band (4), The Byrds (14), Bobby Byrne's All-Star Orchestra with Tony Mottola & Dick Hyman, Calexico with Salvador Duran, Castanets (2), Caution Jam, Arnold Christianson Family, Eric Clapton (2), Ray Conniff, Cowboy Junkies, Randy Crawford, Sheryl Crow with Ronnie Wood, Cubensis (5), Dark Hollow (2), Dark Star Orchestra (4), Deal's Gone Bad, Diesel Dog, Father Dolan, Donna The Buffalo, Steve Earle and The Dukes, ekoostik Hookah (4), The Electric Petals, Drew Emmitt Band, Fairport Convention (4), Bryan Ferry (12), Ebba Forsberg, Friends, Jerry Garcia & John Kahn (2), Jerry Garcia Band (25), Steve Gibbons Band, Gotthard, Gov't Mule (5), Grateful Dead (14), Green On Red, Marc Gregor, Gubment Cheese (2), George Hamilton IV, Hannaward Pass, Jeff Healey Band, Heart, Chris Hillman & Friends, Hoodoo Rhythm Devils, Bruce Hornsby (3), Hot Buttered Rum (3), Humble Bones, Indian Summer (3), Initial Shock, Joseph Israel, Jewels & Binoculars (11), Keith & The Satellites, Éilís Kennedy, King Ludd, [kny:t], Amy LaVere, Gordon Lightfoot, Little Feat (2), MagsPa, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (13), Dave Mason, Max Creek (2), Matt Mays and El Torpedo, McMule (2), Merrill, Monica's Living Room, Ryan Montbleau, Moossa, Van Morrison (7), Bill Moss & The Celestials, David Nelson Band/Trio (5), New Barbarians, North Mississippi Allstars (3), Oh No Ono, Oh Susanna, The Other Ones (3), Papa Mali (2), Prairie Oyster, Farryl Purkiss, Raq, Ratdog (2), Red Hot Chili Peppers (2), Jason Ringenberg (2), Rizzz, Duke Robillard, Leon Russell (4), Mitch Ryder & Engerling (7), Sammy and the Wabos, Helen Schneider (2), Troy Shaw, James Alan Shelton, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Simply Red, George Smith, Chris Smither, Todd Snider, Splintered Sunlight (2), Anna Stadling & Idde Schultz, Curtis Stigers, Stillwater Pioneers (5), StoneFish, Swamp Dylan (7), Texas Tornados, The Top Pop Singers, KT Tunstall, Dave Waite & Marianne Segal (2), Bob Walkenhorst, Jerry Jeff Walker, Watkins Family Hour (3), Alan Wauters Alliance, Jim Weider with Eric Steckel (2), Vince Welnick, Dan Whitaker and The Shinebenders (3), Pat Wictor, Widespread Panic, Mikael Wiehe, Lucinda Williams (2), Yonder Mountain String Band (2), The Zen Tricksters (3), Zero (3), Zimbo (2), Zita Swoon