Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

Michel Montecrossa's annual Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009 set has been announced. The 2009 set includes 4 audio CDs (or alternately 4 DVDs) of this year's event, plus 2 DVDs with unrelated Montecrossa films with no Dylan content.
The Fest CDs include only 7 Dylan-penned songs, so this years edition does not qualify for inclusion in the Dylan Cover Albums pages. An additional 12 tracks are songs that Dylan himself has covered or are somehow Dylan related. Most of the covers and Dylan-related songs are from Bob's "Tell Tale Signs" collection or are unreleased Basement Tapes songs.
Read the press release at
Unknown if the new release will be available at Amazon or iTunes like some of the previous year's collections.
The Dylan covers:
Can't Escape From You / Dreamin' Of You / Marchin' To The City / Red River Shore / City Of Gold / I'm Not There / One Man's Loss
The Dylan-related songs include:
Diamond Joe / 32-20 Blues / Mary And The Soldier / Duncan And Brady / Girl On The Green Briar Shore / Miss The Mississippi And You / Dixie
and others


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