Monday, June 15, 2009

Toli Morilla added to Dylan Cover Albums

Diez Cantares de Bob Dylan N'Asturianu (Ten Bob Dylan Songs in the Asturian Language) by Asturian singer-songwriter Toli Morilla has been released.
You can hear some tracks and get contact and other information at MySpace and
The album has been added to the Dylan Cover Albums Translations section.
Available internationally from CD Baby.
Toli's 2003 album Entre el barro y las preguntas included 2 well-regarded Spanish translations, Se acabó (Baby Blue) and Desde la torre más alta (Watchtower.)

The tracklist:
Huracán (Hurricane)
Toco les puertes del cielu (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)
Nun lo pienses más (Don't Think Twice, It's All Right)
L'home qu'hai en mi (The Man In Me)
La finca de Mari (Maggie's Farm)
Mas o menos, Queen Jane (Queen Jane Approximately)
Esi nun soi yo (It Ain't Me, Babe)
Otru café más (One More Cup Of Coffee)
Ella me pertenez (She Belongs To Me)


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