Friday, May 22, 2009

New J.M. Baule added to Dylan Cover Albums

John Wesley Hardin (no "g" is intentional!) is the latest album of translations by J.M. Baule of Spain. The album of Castellano translations (and Knockin' in Catalán) is J.M.'s 5th full album of Dylan translations. Some of the tracks can be heard at MySpace.
The album has been added to the Dylan Cover Albums Translations section.

The tracklist (Castellano translations except KOHD):
John Wesley Hardin
Dignidad (Dignity)
Compadezco al pobre inmigrante (I Pity The Poor Immigrant)
La fuga del delincuente (Drifter's Escape)
La orilla que he de cruzar (Red River Shore)
Nacidos a la vez (Born In Time)
Maria y el soldado (Mary and The Soldier) (traditional)
¿Postitivamente? ¡En ello estamos! (Positively 4th Street)
Soñé que vi a San Agustin (I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine)
Séries de sueños
(Series Of Dreams)
bonus tracks:
Nacidos a la vez (Born In Time) (Bandoneón version)
Trucant a les portes del cel
(Knockin' On Heaven's Door) (Catalán)


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