Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New 7 Lvvas added to Dylan Cover Albums

7 Lvvas, the Galician band that released 3 albums of Galician translations featuring many Dylan songs in the '90s has released the free download album De pé fieto, a new collection of 1999-2004 recordings that includes 14 Dylan titles, some of which are “not exact translations... but the impressions the Dylan songs made on me” according to Fredi Barreiro.
The new album has been added to Dylan Cover Albums with the band's previous releases HERE. The new album as well as the previous 3 are all available for free download at
Thanks to Anton Bohnen for the tip.
Thanks to Fredi Barreiro for the title translations.

Recorded August 21-24, 2002 except as noted.
The tracklist:
Rapaz (Po' Boy)
De pé feito (Too Much Of Nothing)
Para Eva (To Ramona)
Quedei colgado quando marchaches (Standing In The Doorway)
Como uma mulher (Just Like A Woman) (2004)
O homen que hai em mim (The Man In Me) (2004)
Romance en Durango (Romance in Durango) (Spanish)
Portas do Ceo (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)
Entre as nubes e o mar (Under The Red Sky)
Kaw-Liga (Fred Rose ~Hank Williams) (1999)
Para quem (Blind Willie McTell) (1999)
ão chores (Baby Stop Crying)
Chaparrão (A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall)
Lia (Delia) (Traditional)
Tere (Hazel)
Isis (Isis)
Raposo (Coyote) (Joni Mitchell)
Uxia Maceiras
(Barbara Allen) (Traditional)
Flor nocturna
(Poem by Fredi Barreiro)


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