Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan por “Al Burton”

Added to Dylan Cover Albums is another of those 1970s Spanish cassettes, all with the same eleven tracks but credited to many different performers. This newest example is Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan by Al Burton.
Thanks to HP Bushoff for spotting this on eBay, and to Manuel Garcia Jara for label info.

The list of variations so far:
Danny Roberts: Los Exitos de Bob Dylan (Spain LP)
Al Burton: Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Bill Collins: Tribute to Bob Dylan (US cassette)
Johnny Desvan: Tributo a Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Rod Lansing: Exitos de: Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Zuk Milton: Hits of Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
Jane Reynolds y Johnny Desvan:
.......Tributo a Joan Baez y Bob Dylan (Spain cassette)
uncredited: Grandes Creaciones de Bob Dylan (Spain LP)
uncredited: Sounds Like Bob Dylan (UK cassette)


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