Thursday, June 12, 2008

Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008

Michel Montecrossa has released the recordings from the Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008. The set is available as either a 4-CD + 2 DVD set (no Dylan content on the DVDs,) or as a 6-DVD set. The set will soon be available from iTunes and other download services.
As usual the Dylan songs are mixed with Montecrossa songs. The 22 Dylan songs include some early obscurities, all the songs from Saved, and the 2 soundtrack songs Tell Ol' Bill and Huck's Tune. Titles below in red are debuts in the Dylan Covers DataBase.
Also included are several traditional and other songs that Bob has recorded or performed.

The set has been added to Dylan Cover Albums HERE.
More info at the album webpage.

The Dylan songs:
Tell Ol' Bill / Straight A's In Love / Rock Me Mama / If I Don't Be There By Morning / Walk Out In The Rain / Legionnaire's Disease / Huck's Tune / Train A-Travelin' / I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day / Go Away You Bomb / Talkin' Devil / Death Of Emmett Till / The Ballad Of Donald White / Cuban Missile Crisis / Saved / Covenant Woman / What Can I Do For You? / Solid Rock / Pressing On / In The Garden / Saving Grace / Are You Ready?
The Dylan-related songs:
Cocaine Blues / People Get Ready / Somebody Touched Me / Grand Coulee Dam / Acne / Silver Dagger / Golden Vanity / Ballad Of Easy Rider / A Satisfied Mind / Wade In The Water


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