Saturday, May 31, 2008

WANTED: 45 label scans: 2nd & Last request

Many thanks to Bill Hester for his New Zealand 45s label scans (and many CDs and LPs, too)

One final posting of my request:
In order to make the Dylan Covers DataBase as complete as possible, I am seeking scans of 45RPM record labels that are still missing.
I've posted a list of some required 45s in the Dylan Covers Forum.
If you are able & willing to provide scans of any of these 45 labels (or any other missing scans,) please read the instructions and submit your scans.

Apparently some visitors to the DataBase are unaware that there are images on the detail pages of many items... if there is a + mark in the 3rd column of the DataBase, the item is illustrated. Click on the artist name to access the detail page.
Some have suggested images should appear in the main DataBase list. This would slow down loading of the page, especially for users with slow connections. It would also make the list much less legible by squeezing all the other info, and add too much blank space to the page. I believe my current format is the best compromise. Alternate suggestions welcome.


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