Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New in the collection:
Slizzy Bob

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (3:23)
Slizzy Bob
The Early Tapes
CD: G.I.B. 383 0026 2; 1996 (Germany)

Slizzy Bob is a Hamburg based singer, songwriter & producer. His version of Baby Blue is in the Euro dance/techno style, but with a lighter touch than most others in the genre. The track is gimmicky, with vocal and sound effects, including an explosion in the middle!
The coverart reads "Including the Top-Hit: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue." Anyone remember this as a "hit"?
There is no recording info on the ©1996 CD, so I don't know the origins of these recordings, he has been active since the mid-'80s.
Most of the album's songs are originals, all performed in English, some in the same vein and others in a more pop style. Another notable cover is Stevie Nicks' Dreams.
More recently Slizzy Bob covered To Make You Feel My Love on his 2006 album "Subtle Flavour."
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