Monday, January 07, 2008

2008 Motherlode

Only a week into the new month & New Year, and I already have more than 160 new Dylan covers to add to the DataBase! 139 of them are now available in the Next Update Preview. The rest will be added in a few days.
Other than the Dylanovky tracks, highlights include 6 covers on a new CD by the Missouri band Redwing (shown at right,) a series of archival CDs with 15 total covers by the 70s-80s Swedish band Lötsjön, newly discovered covers by Les Sauterelles, Toni Vescoli, Ina Müller, Manny Charlton, and many more.
Links to artist websites and sellers are provided if available.
Thanks to Michael Tearson, Dirk Krah, Manuel Garcia Jara


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