Friday, December 28, 2007

New in the collection: 3 a.m.

To Make You Feel My Love (4:02)
3 a.m.
Country Hits Dance Party
(various artists)
CD: Priority P2 51122; 1998 (US)

Here's a recipe for disaster:
Take a country version of one of Dylan's weaker songs (lyrically) and create a dance-mix version (my least favorite genre of Dylan covers.)
If you're waiting for me to say "but in this case it works," I can't. This is truly horrible. Avoid at all costs!
The subtitle is "Dance Mixes of Today's Country Hits." The only info I could find about 3 a.m. described them as a Canadian dance outfit. I don't recognize any of the other performers on the CD, but I know little of the dance music genre.
Available (if you dare) from


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