Saturday, December 15, 2007

From the collection:
Bonus Tracks

The three groups represented here each released a full album of Dylan covers, but these tracks do not appear on those albums.
So, if you're transferring your vinyl Dylan Cover Albums to CDR, you can add these as "Bonus Tracks"!

Blowin' In The Wind (3:13)

The Metropolitan Pops Orchestra

Plays Instrumental Versions of Peter, Paul & Mary Favorites
LP: Metro MS-596; 1967 (US)

Produced by Alan Lorber, this album is just one catalog number before their Plays Instrumental Versions of Bob Dylan Favorites.

Just Like A Woman (3:47)
Hugo Montenegro
Colours of Love
LP: RCA LSP-4273; 1970 (US)

Hugo Montenegro's choral music Dawn Of Dylan appeared the same year as this album, perhaps Just Like A Woman was an outtake from, or inspiration for, the Dylan sessions? The 2 LPs were on different labels, so I'm not sure which came first.
Hugo recorded many albums of course, including at least one other artist tribute album, the cleverly titled "Neil's Diamonds." (Yes, I have a copy.)

Don't Think Twice (2:54)

The Sound Symposium
Contemporary Composers Interpreted
LP: Dot DLP25909; 1969 (US)

This LP was released a few months earlier in 1969 than Bob Dylan Interpreted. The Sound Symposium had previously released a similar tribute to Paul Simon (I don't have it,) his America also appears on this LP.

Long-time users of with good memories may remember the theme of this post from the Monthly Features section that appeared on Dylan Cover Albums from 2000-2006. The 2 instrumental albums here were the May 2001 Feature.
You can peruse the old features & hopefully find something interesting in the Features Archive.


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