Saturday, April 01, 2006

April (and last) Feature

Since January 2000, at first bi-weekly and then monthly, I have presented on my Feature page some album or item of interest that did not qualify for inclusion elsewhere on the webpages.
The Feature page did not attract much traffic, so it is being discontinued. Interesting albums of the type that might have appeared there will be presented on the Blog in Plain D occasionally, but not on a regular monthly basis. The Feature Archive of past Features January 2000 thru April 2006 will remain available.

T.J. Johnson
Hustler's Paradise
Loco Records LOCOCD009 (UK, 2001)

Last month Wilko, this month another Johnson from the UK, pianist T.J. Johnson. His style is best described in the liner notes of this 2001 CD: "a subtle but highly infectious mix of swing, blues, soul and saloon songs. It has a powerful, swinging piano lead rhythm with soulful, bluesy vocals. If you like the blues you'll love this album, it stamps T.J.'s unique style on many of the classics, from Dylan to Cash." Included are three Dylan songs: To Be Alone With You, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, and Don't Think Twice. Other songs on the very enjoyable album include Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues, three songs written or co-written by Mac Rebennak (Dr. John): New York City Blues, Such A Night, and Better World Somewhere, and the blues classic Times Getting Tougher Than Tough. There is also a live version of I'll Be Your Baby Tonight on T.J.'s 2003 CD "Live in Germany," recorded with his band Bourbon Kick. It's not easy to find Johnson's CDs, I suggest starting at his website


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