Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New in the DylanCover.com collection

Lay Lady Lay
Dick Hyman
on the MOOG Synthesizer
B-side of Strobo single
1970; Command/ABC 45-4136 (7")

No mixing the MOOG with an orchestra here - this is a real MOOG record! As far as I know Lay Lady Lay never appeared on any of the myriad of Command lounge music albums. The A-side, Strobo, is a Dick Hyman original. It is one of the LOUDEST 45s I've ever heard - best turn down the volume a few notches when you put this disc on the turntable. This would have fit nicely on my April 2004 Feature, MOOG does Dylan. Once again, Lay Lady Lay is the Dylan track of choice, as it often was for both MOOG and traditional keyboard players such as Peter Nero and Ferrante & Teicher.


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