Friday, December 17, 2010

Bob Clifford: BIABH...Again

Bob Clifford of the UK has recorded an album of Dylan songs with the title Bringing It All Back Home...Again. The album includes tracks and outtakes from Dylan's namesake album, most done in very different styles or arrangements, some "in the style" of other performers (see descriptions below.)
While not a commercial release, the album is available to collectors so qualifies for inclusion in Dylan Cover Albums HERE.
The album is available in mp3 format via e-mail. To enquire contact Bob Clifford

The tracklist and Bob's notes:
- If You Gotta Go, Go Now: using an arrangement of an instrumental track from the BIABH sessions
- I’ll Keep It With Mine: Beach Boys/Sail on Sailor version
- Love Minus Zero/No Limit: a Byrds version
- Outlaw Blues #1: Steely Dan Black Friday version
- Outlaw Blues #2: in the style of John Mayall & Eric Clapton / Lonely Years
- She Belongs To Me: a Bob Dylan/Bruce Langhorn guitar version
- The Gates of Eden: the 5/4 version
- It’s Alright Ma: Tombstone Blues version
- Farewell Angelina: Pink Floyd version
- Subterranean Homesick Blues: using Bob Dylan's Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence sound
- She’s Your Lover Now #1: Steely Dan Dr Wu type version
- She’s Your Lover Now #2: a BIABH Dylan type version, with the "missing last section"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the link brings up an email address with 2 "L's" in Clifford. Is this a typo?

11:45 AM  
Anonymous D.P. said...

I asked Bob about that, he says it is correct with 2 L's !

12:04 PM  

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