Friday, November 19, 2010

NEW & Old: Dylan in het Fries

Recently released in The Netherlands is Dylan in het Fries, a various artist CD/DVD set of Dylan covers in the Frysk language.
The album will be added to Dylan Cover Albums when more details are available.
Thanks to Dirk Krah and Anton Bohnen

The tracklist:
Ien bak kofje noch (One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)) Kim Stolker
Ruzjend tn e wyn (Blowin' In The Wind) - Twarres
Foar altyd jong (Forever Young) - Ernst Langhout & Johan Keus
As it dien is skat (When The Deal Goes Down) - Jan Tekstra
Learen spaanske skuon (Boots Of Spanish Leather) - Reina Rodina
Klear om te gean (Not Dark Yet) - Die Twa
It is swier waar dat oer us komme sil (Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall) - Raynaud Ritsma
Bring my nei de himeldoar (Tryin' To Get To Heaven) - Mink
Emosjoneel fan dy (Emotionally Yours) - Three-ality
Earder as letter (One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)) - Meindert Talma
Blues fan it fjoer (Fixin’ to Die Blues) - Tsead Bruinja
Roffel op e himeldoar (Knockin' On Heaven's Door) - all artists

Adding some confusion is the recent re-issue of the two Ernst Langhout & Johan Keus Dylan yn it Frysk CDs from 2004 & 2005 as a 2-CD set. Several websites and on-line retailers are confusing the two, listing the reissue with the new CD's title and/or listing the new v/a CD with the re-issue's tracklist!
This new re-issue has been added to Dylan Cover Albums below the original albums (link above.)


Anonymous Tsead Bruinja said...

A demo of my (Tsead Bruinja) version can be heard here:

Hope you'll like it!



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