Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Robins Sing downloads
+ a new album in Feb.2011

Many of the Dylan covers by the German band The Robins Sing are available for free mp3 download. Go to their website and click on each album listed below.
There is also a new side-project album listed, to be available in February 2011:
The Tom Hat Trio plays Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline

» Es geht nicht (Willy Brauch solo - 1999)
Time Passes Slowly
» The Robins Sing Dylan (1999)
23 Dylan songs
Tracklist and more information at Dylan Cover Albums
» Live in Rheine (2000)
One Too Many Mornings
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Love Sick
(My Back Pages / Billy / You Angel You are not available for download)
» Play (2003)
Bob Dylan's Dream
» Flugpassagiere (2004)
Wenn das Pinarello fliegt
NOTE: above is melody only of You Ain't Going Nowhere - the new German lyrics are not a translation of Dylan's lyrics
» Christmas Songs (2007)
Three Angels

» The Robins Sing Folksongs (2009)
The Times They Are A-Changin'


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