Thursday, September 30, 2010

Polish mystery

This 1960s Polish EP by No To Co Grupa Skifflowa i Piotr Janczerski includes a track credited to B. Dylan and R. Tur (for the translation?) The track title is listed as Ballada bez tytulu (A Ballad Without Title.)
Thanks to Manuel Garcia Jara

Update: Hear this track on YouTube. I don't recognize a Dylan song though, sounds like Universal Soldier to me. Any Polish-speakers out there?
Thanks to Dag on Facebook

Update 2: Based both on the melody and some reverse translating, the concensus seems to be that this in not a Dylan song at all, but merely an error in the writer's credit :(


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Sirs, hey,
I've just stumbled upon this blog, several years after your post had been published. I happen to be "in plain D" as well :) and I'm Polish.
Concerning the song in question, "Ballada bez tytulu" (Untitled Ballad), it's a peculiar thing. Its melody is, to my ears, a mixture between the Buffy's & Donovan's "Universal Soldier" AND the chorus of "The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll", with some extra notes added. Therefore it cannot be treated as a BD cover and yet it holds some resemblance to one Dylan tune... The lyrics are more in the "UnivSold" vein, being a remembrance of the narrator's father who was killed in the war which in turn gives way to some anti-war stanzas. That's pretty much it. Respect to all of you, Filip

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