Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maria re-issued

Maria Muldaur's Live in Concert - essentially a live version of her Dylan covers album with a few of her own songs added - has been reissued as a 2-disc CD+DVD combination by the UK Retroworld label. Content is the same as the original 2008 US CD and DVD, but with new artwork.
Oddly, the label's own listing reads Live in Concert 1974, although the content is clearly the 2007 concert.

The album's listing at Dylan Cover Albums has been updated.
If anyone can provide the catalog number of this release, please advise.
Also if you can clarify the format and region of the DVD. Amazon-US states the DVD is NTSC/Region-O, Amazon-UK does not specify, although both are the same ASIN number, so caution is advised regarding compatibility of the DVD.


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