Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Nuevos Éxitos de Bob Dylan (1980)
added to Dylan Cover Albums

Nuevos Éxitos de Bob Dylan is a Spanish cassette released in 1980 with no performer credited. Reportedly all 8 tracks are by the same unnamed band performing in English. The band was probably not from Spain.
The tracks do not match the several other uncredited albums of the era. This unique tracklist features 6 songs from "Street-Legal" and 2 from "Slow Train Coming." Song titles are in Spanish on the insert, but all are performed in English. Romer 80-131. Unknown if there was a LP equivalent.
Thanks to Manuel Garcia Jara for the scan and information

The tracklist:
Man Gave Names To All The Animals / Baby Stop Crying / Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) / New Pony / Changing Of The Guards / Is Your Love In Vain? / Slow Train / No Time To Think

This cassette has been added to a new Vocals (uncredited) page at Dylan Cover Albums. I have also moved two other albums to this page from their previous locations.


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