Monday, March 09, 2009

On-demand CDRs: What's your opinion ?

I am seeking opinions on how to list the new "manufactured on demand CDRs" appearing at Should these be considered the same as CD re-issues?
I perceive a difference in new compilations released this way, as with the new Julie Felix collection mentioned earlier, versus reissues of older albums, such as the Dylan Jazz that is now available from I believe new compilations should be treated the same as new CD releases, but I'm not sure about reissues.
I have ordered a copy of Dylan Jazz, perhaps seeing the CDR will help to settle the question. I am curious to see if these CDRs are burned from MP3s, or are from a lossless audio source, and what kind of packaging and labeling is provided.
Please leave a comment or send an e-mail if you have any thoughts on the subject.

See 3/16 post for more on the subject


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A CD-R should be treated like any other CD release (reissue or not)provided it is official (issued by the copyright holder).

3:37 PM  

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