Monday, March 16, 2009

Dylan Jazz: Disc on Demand

I now have the Dylan Jazz CD-R mentioned earlier in my post about's Disc on Demand service. Based on this disc I have no qualms about treating it or other on-demand titles the same as regular releases. The CD-R is released by the original label, GNP-Crescendo, partnered with, and comes packaged in a standard jewelcase, with a 4-page, 2-sided glossy insert with the original LP front artwork, a printed tray card, and a nicely labeled disc. If not for the notation that it is a CD-R, it would be difficult to tell. The tracks do not show the characteristic high frequency drop-off of mp3s, so I believe they are from a lossless source.
The only complaint I have is the loss of the original LP liner notes about Dylan and the musicians. This release only has a generic history of the label and a short description of the Amazon Disc on Demand service plus a list of other titles available from GNP-Crescendo, including albums with multiple Dylan covers by Billy Strange and Billy Lee Riley. Other than the tracklist, no notes specific to this title are included.
It is interesting to note, 40+ years after it's original release, the printed tracklist still contains the error from the 1966 US LP! (Tracks 7 & 9 are reversed)
The Dylan Jazz listing at Dylan Cover Albums has been updated.
Available from

Thanks for the few responses I received to my previous post.
I would like to clarify that I did not intend to re-open a CD vs. CD-R debate, there are many CD-Rs already listed on the site and I have no issue with official or self-released CD-Rs. My question was specific to these new Disc on Demand CD-Rs being offered by, and this question has now been answered as outlined above.


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