Friday, December 26, 2008

NEW: Zé Ramalho - covers album from Brazil

New in Dylan Cover Albums HERE is Tá tudo mudando: Zé Ramalho canta Bob Dylan, an album of 11 Portuguese translations plus If Not For You performed in English.
A matching DVD has also been released, it is to be determinded if the DVD tracks are live or the same as the CD studio recordings. The DVD has been added to the Video page.
I have not found these titles listed at any of the major international sellers, but they are available from Brazilian sources such as
Zé has covered Hurricane and Knockin' On Heaven's Door on previous albums. More info at
Thanks to Jean Fernandez for the tip

The tracklist:

Wigwam / *Para Dylan (*lyrics by Zé Ramalho)
O homem deu nome a todos animais
(Man Gave Names To All The Animals)
Tá tudo mudando
(Things Have Changed)
Como uma pedra a rolar
(Like A Rolling Stone)
Negro amor
(It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Não pense duas vezes, tá tudo bem
(Don't Think Twice, It's All Right)
Rock feelingood
(Tombstone Blues)
O vento vai responder
(Blowin' In The Wind)
Mr. do pandeiro
(Mr. Tambourine Man)
O amanhã é distante
(Tomorrow Is A Long Time)
If Not For You
(sung in English)
Batendo na porta do céu
- versão II (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)


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