Saturday, March 15, 2008

The answer my friend is 900+

The April 1st update of the Dylan Covers DataBase will list over 900 versions of Blowin' In The Wind.
While there are more All Along The Watchtowers listed - 1,048 - I think the number of BITW's is more significant because they are almost all unique versions, where the Watchtower total is inflated by multiple live performances by many bands, such as The Grateful Dead (98 !), Dave Matthews Band (75), Phil Lesh & Friends (44), Indigo Girls (32), Ratdog (29), Keller Williams (28) and others. By comparison, the most BITW versions are by Joan Baez (18) - and several of these are unique album versions, not circulating live performances - Mountain (10) and Bob Walkenhorst (8), no one else has more than 5.


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