Monday, March 10, 2008 on MySpace

First I'd like to say I have no interest in the original "social" part of MySpace. The specialty areas like MySpace Music and Film are more tolerable and at least have a unified purpose, but there is no separation between the different areas.
That being said, MySpace Music has seemingly become a "must have" for bands, performers and record labels. Many of the features - messaging, downloading, etc. - require logging in. In some cases it's the only way to contact members. So I have reluctantly created a MySpace page for, using the avatar at the left. No new content will be added there, it's basic functions are to allow me to access member-only features, provide links to other relevant members, and to promote Links displayed will be limited to Dylan-cover related members, such as Dylan tribute bands or other bands/performers who cover Dylan. No non-relevant "friends" will be added, so you won't have to wade through all the teenie-boppers and "friend collectors" :)
So if you're a MySpace fanatic or are just looking for quick links to some Dylan cover bands, visit at MySpace (a permanent link is in the right sidebar.)


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