Saturday, January 19, 2008

From the collection:
Jake and The Family Jewels
+ The Quinaimes Band

More early 70s vinyl:
Jake and The Family Jewels was led by New Yorker Alan "Jake" Jacobs.
Nestled between the 2 Jake LPs is The Quinaimes Band, a Martha's Vineyard based band that shared several members with The Family Jewels, including Jake on guitar and future Steely Dan vocalist David Palmer.
If you like harmony bands like Crosby Stills & Nash or Brewer & Shipley, you'll like this trio of rare "jewels." Visions of Johanna is one of my favorite covers. I'm not aware of any CD reissues of these albums. Comments welcome.

Open The Door Homer (2:48)
Jake and The Family Jewels
LP: Polydor 24-4029; 1970 (US)
Also released as a single.

Visions Of Johanna (4:32)
The Quinaimes Band
LP: Elektra EKS-74096; 1971 (US)

Minstrel Boy (3:41)
Jake and The Family Jewels
The Big Moose Calls His Baby Sweet Lorraine
LP: Polydor PD 5024; 1972 (US)


Anonymous J.P. Hiernaux (Namur, Belgium) said...

Hello Dave.
Your are right : the 3 covers are very nice, above all Visions Of Johanna by The Quinaimes Band.
I didn't know these musicians.
Thanks for the discover !

3:58 PM  

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