Monday, March 01, 2010

Notes on BITW: 20 Versions

I now have the Blowin' In The Wind: 20 Versions CD in hand. Unfortunately little information about the tracks is provided. Below are my own notes.

Dionne Warwick - normal version
The Hollies - studio version
Cher - normal version
Bob Dylan (Live) - the 1963 Westinghouse Studios TV version, incorrectly labeled as Canada 1962! (see:
Duke Ellington - normal version (Jazz instro)
Marie Laforet - normal version
Marc Bolan - normal "Toby Tyler" version
Edwin Hawkins Singers - edit version (2:52)
Dr. Mock & The Flocks - (labeled as "grunge punk") - this is the Me First & Gimme Gimmes cover, without the "how-how's" at the start. Don't know why the name change.
The Seekers - normal version
Trini Lopez - a re-recording, but a different one than on Trini's "Prime Cuts" collection.
Marianne Faithful - normal version
Bobby Darin - normal version
Johnny Rivers - normal version
The Ventures - the instrumental medley with Don't Think Twice from their 10th Anniversary LP. DTT is not mentioned in the CD tracklist.
Marlene Dietrich - "Live in Amsterdam" - original source and other details unknown
Lester Sterling Group - normal version (Reggae instro)
Stanley Turrentine - normal version (Jazz instro)
Stan Getz - normal version (Jazz instro)
Joan Baez - "Live in Buenos Aries" - Sounds like a duet with Bob, but experts tell me it's an immitator. 2nd vocal low in mix so it's hard to tell.

Tracks listed as "normal version" are the versions already listed in the DataBase (by my memory - please advise if you notice any differences.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog. This CD sounds terrible! I'm a big Dylan fan, by the way.

2:32 PM  
Blogger D.P. said...

Do you mean the description sounds terrible... or the CD itself sounds terrible? :)

12:38 PM  

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