Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miscellaneous ramblings...

Swedish pop/country singer Jill Johnson covered What Good Am I? on her 2009 CD Music Row II
Thanks to Anton Bohnen

Austrian band Monti Beton (who released a Dylan cover album in 2006) perform I Shall Be Released on their 2009 CD Best of Live Vol.2.

Rhino is set to release a new Peter Paul & Mary CD that matches archival live vocal tracks from the last 20 years to newly recorded symphonic backing. The project was begun before Mary's passing. The Prague Sessions include Blowin' In The Wind.

Intermittent Animals, a self-described "folkadelic psycho grass" band from Columbus Ohio has 2006-07 rehearsal and live recordings including nine Watchtowers and two Tom Thumb's Blues for free downloading on their website (also follow links to 2006 sessions.)
Recently the band has been added to the Live Music Archive, with another Watchtower available HERE.

My Boot Heels, a Dutch band fronted by Wouter Driessen, has several mp3s available on their webpage Most Likely Yo Go Your Way, Nettie Moore, Tangled Up In Blue.
The band's MySpace page has listen-only Like A Rolling Stone and Highway 61 Revisited.

The 1990 recordings by Superelvis are available from the 16RPM label at the Internet Archive. Included are the Spanish band's Girl From The North Country and two versions of I
Want You
16 RPM is a reissue netlabel based in Spain.
Thanks to Anton Bohnen


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