Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Miscellaneous ramblings...

Obviously 3 Believers is the new project by members of the former Rolling Thunder, who released the Dylan covers album The Never Ending Rehearsal in 2001. Check out the Dylan page on their website for some mp3s and videos, and also pages for some other artists they cover.

Madrid band Los Hijos Bastardos de Henry Chinaski has a listen-only Spanish version of El Hombre Que Hay En Mi (The Man In Me) on their MySpace page.

I have revised the Moses Wiggins Troubadour album listing to include the 2007 download only version that sports different artwork, a new title "Songs of Bob Dylan," and a mis-spelling of Wiggens. Oddly, the original version is also available from the same sites!
New version at amazonmp3 / Original version at amazonmp3

Several Dylan cover bands from Germany were discovered from the "I'm Not There" contest, check out their MySpace pages: Dylan's Dream, Dylan Night Band, How Many Roads and Who Cares? (named after Dylan's "Who Cares?" comment at an early concert.) All are listen-only except Who Cares?, who offer several downloadable tracks on their MySpace page and several more on their website (click HÖRPROBEN.)
How Many Roads have recently released a CD of Dylan songs, I hope to have more details of it soon.


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