Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New in the collection:
Riem de Wolff

I Shall Be Released (3:48)
Riem de Wolff
Back On Track
CD: Silver Star/ZYX Music SIS 1118-2 (Germany - 2008 reissue)

As The Blue Diamonds, brothers duo Ruud and Riem de Wolff were exponents of the Dutch Indonesian-rock scene. The de Wolffs had emigrated to Holland in 1949. Their first record was released in 1959, and they had several international hits through the '60s. After Ruud's passing in 2000, Riem first recorded I Shall Be Released in 2001 with his son Steffen as The New Diamonds. He recorded the song again for the 2005 solo album featured here.
Pictured is a 2008 German-issue CD. The original album read "Mr. Blue Diamond" in place of the "Blue Diamonds' " on this reissue.

More info about Riem and The Blue Diamonds at
CDs available from: (reissue) or (original)


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