Friday, July 11, 2008

Dylan Night Band @ LMA

The Dylan Night Band, a Dylan tribute band from Germany, has a show posted at the Live Music Archive. All 17 tracks now available in FLAC & mp3 formats.
There are also some new and different tracks
on their MySpace page
Four of these are
downloadable for MySpace users (One More Cup Of Coffee / Visions Of Johanna / Tomorrow Is A Long Time / A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.) Watchtower is listen-only but I believe it's the version from the LMA show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave,the show was just uploaded and only afetr a few hours it appeared on your site-cool :-)
We played this show with special guest Steve Kimock-enjoy his incredible playing!Steve was on a 2-week tour through southern Germany & Switzerland with his (and my)buddy Billy Goodman.I organized/drove this tour so it was a great pleasure to do a Dylan Night with one of the best guitar players on this planet (believe me or not ;-).

6:17 AM  

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