Saturday, April 14, 2007

Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan: 1994 US CD

I was unaware of this CD that contains Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan until several copies appeared on eBay recently. Like the other CD versions, it pairs Eddy's Dylan LP with his other Colpix LP, Duane A Go Go Go, plus a few other tracks. The Complete Colpix Recordings was released by Gold Picks Records of Phoenix, Arizona in 1994.
The Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan page has been updated.

Did you know...
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Quote from Dylan's autobiography, Chronicle..."For sure my lyrics had struck nerves that had never been struck before, but if my songs were just about the words, then what was Duane Eddy, the great rock-and-roll guitarist, doing recording an album full of instrumental melodies of my songs? Musicians have always known that my songs were about more than just words, but most people are not musicians."

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