Thursday, December 14, 2006

New in the collection:
Mud Boy & The Neutrons

Stuck Inside of Mobile with
the Memphis Blues Again (2:45)
Mud Boy & The Neutrons
In the Mood For Memphis
(various artists)
CD: Inside Sounds ISC-0518;
2003 compilation (US)

Finding the original 1986 French LP "Known Felons in Drag" (New Rose 98) by the legendary and enigmatic Memphis alt-rock band Mud Boy & The Neutrons would be difficult and probably costly. Finding the 1995 US compilation "They Walk Among Us" isn't much easier. So it's lucky for Dylan cover collectors that Inside Sounds included the Mud Boy cover of Memphis Blues Again on this readily available and very enjoyable compilation of songs with Memphis in their titles. There is also a Volume 2 (no Dylan) if you enjoy this one.

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