Saturday, June 10, 2006

New in the collection: The Revelers

Blowin' In The Wind
The Revelers
The Revelers Sing
LP: Revelers Records AU-4668; 196? (US)

Not to be confused with The Revellers with 2-Ls from Ireland, who also covered Blowin' In The Wind, these 1-L Revelers were from New York. The four-man vocal group released this undated LP at the dawn of folk-rock as described on the sleeve:
“Sometimes referred to as the Civil Rights Movement's greatest Northern freedom song, Blowin' In The Wind is written in the new idiom called folk-rock, differentiated from the traditional folk song in that it is conciously composed rather than handed down over the years by word of mouth.”
I don't think that is an entirely accurate definition, but one look at these guys and you know there isnt much "rock" in their rendition!
The Revelers were Tom Edwards, Doc Savage, Ray Murcell, and Carl Olsen. Producer & music director was Milt Okun, who recorded several albums of his own and arranged for Harry Belafonte, the Chad Mitchell Trio, The Brothers Four, John Denver and others. The LP was available from their own label for only $5.25, postage and tax included.


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